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Latest Fisheries Department KPK June Jobs 2023

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Latest Fisheries Department KPK June Jobs 2023 

 Jobs Description :

Fisheries Department KPK June Jobs 2023 is responsible for the management, conservation, and development of fisheries resources and aquatic ecosystems. Job positions within the Fisheries Department may involve a range of responsibilities aimed at promoting sustainable fishing practices and ensuring the well-being of aquatic environments. Some common job descriptions within the Fisheries Department include:

Fisheraes Biologist: Conducting research, surveys, and assessments to study fish populations, their habitats, and the overall health of aquatic ecosystems. This may involve collecting data, analysing samples, and implementing conservation measures based on scientific findings.

Fisheries Officer: Enforcing regulations and policies related to fishing activities, ensuring compliance with fishing licences, catch limits, and seasonal restrictions. Fisheries officers may also conduct inspections, issue fines or penalties for violations, and educate stakeholders on sustainable fishing practices.

Aquaculture Specialist: Overseeing the cultivation and management of fish farms or aquaculture operations. This involves monitoring water quality, feeding and breeding fish, managing disease control measures, and implementing best practices to maximise production while minimising environmental impact.

Fishery Extension Officer: Providing guidance and support to local communities, fishermen, and fish farmers. This includes disseminating information on sustainable fishing techniques, organising training programs, and promoting awareness of conservation practices to ensure the long-term viability of fisheries resources.

Posted Date  4 June 2023
Location  KPK
Education  Matric To Master
Last Date  17 June  2023
Company Fisheries Department KPK 
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>Electrician (BPS-06)

>Feed Mill Operator (BPS-07)

>Fisheries Watcher (BPS-07)

>Head Fisheries Watcher (BPS-09)

>Laboratory Assistant (BPS-08)

>Motor Boat Operator (BPS-02)

How to Apply?

1:Visit the Food Department  Available-Jobs official website or job portals to find available job opportunities.

2:Read the job description carefully and make sure that you meet the requirements for the position.

3:Prepare your application package, which should include a cover letter, your resume or CV, and any other relevant documents.

4:Fill out the application form online or download and print a hard copy to fill out manually.


KPK June Jobs 2023 

KPK June Jobs 2023