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Latest National Logistics Cell NLC June Jobs 2023

 Latest National Logistics Cell NLC June Jobs 2023

 Jobs Description :

 Latest National Logistics Cell NLC June Jobs 2023 is an organisation that plays a crucial role in managing logistics and transportation services in a national context. As an employee of the NLC, you would be responsible for various tasks related to logistics operations. This may include overseeing the transportation of goods and materials, managing supply chains, coordinating with different stakeholders, and ensuring the efficient movement of resources.

One of the primary responsibilities of an NLC job is to plan and execute logistics operations. This involves creating detailed plans for transporting goods from one location to another, considering factors such as cost, time, and safety. You would need to coordinate with suppliers, vendors, and other parties involved in the supply chain to ensure smooth operations and timely delivery of goods.

Another important aspect of an NLC job is managing and optimising the use of resources. This includes overseeing the maintenance and utilisation of vehicles, equipment, and infrastructure required for logistics operations. You would need to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently, minimising wastage and maximising productivity.

Additionally, an NLC job may involve monitoring and tracking shipments to ensure their safe and timely arrival. This could include using technology and tracking systems to monitor the movement of goods and provide real-time updates to relevant parties. You may also be responsible for resolving any issues or delays that arise during transportation, working towards finding solutions and minimising disruptions.

Communication and coordination skills are crucial in an NLC job. You would need to interact with various stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, government agencies, and internal teams, to ensure effective collaboration and timely execution of logistics operations. This may involve negotiating contracts, resolving disputes, and maintaining strong relationships with all parties involved.

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Overall, working in the National Logistics Cell requires a combination of logistical expertise, organisational skills, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication. It is a dynamic and challenging field where you would contribute to the smooth functioning of supply chains and transportation networks, supporting national development and economic growth.

Posted Date  6 June 2023
Location  Pakistan
Education  Primary to Master
Last Date  18 June  2023
Company NLC
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>Assistant Accountant

>Assistant Manager Commercial

>Assistant Supervisor

>CCTV Operator



>Manager BT/Operations

>Network Technicians

>Sanitary Worker

>Security Guard

>Security Supervisor



How to Apply?

1:Visit the NLC/  Available-Jobs official website or job portals to find available job opportunities.

2:Read the job description carefully and make sure that you meet the requirements for the position.

3:Prepare your application package, which should include a cover letter, your resume or CV, and any other relevant documents.

4:Fill out the application form online or download and print a hard copy to fill out manually.

5:ALL must submit your application form to the HR Department, Headquarters Border Terminals, National Logistics Cell NLC, Rawalpindi.

6:all candidates als forward CV through [email protected].

NLC June Jobs 2023

NLC June Jobs 2023